Potentially career lost by automation, AI and Internet penetration growth

Last night, Pak Buchari share this BMW Group ads video. Haven’t get to see it until Pak Satriyo gave a comment about how human as a driver is potentially in a high risk to lost this job.

Even though last scene on this video give a message that they’re not offering It’s services. I think it just a matter of time for a massive consumptions. To me, this ads shows that our world are transforming massively and aggressively.

Improving best customer experience is a driver while business growth will come exponentially. Internet, AI, Automation, are tools to reach it. I suggest, we could not sit back and relax while we are still doing the same job / task / process that we had start from the last five or ten years back.

We should prepare, be with it, and take advantage from this.

To all my lovely network, have you?


Oh by the way, I’m not BM* fans ^__^


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